World Environmental Education Conference | Göteborg, Sweden

In June/July I was in Göteborg, Sweden for the World Environmental Education Congress. It is a beautiful city.

I’ll admit, initially I felt a little out of my element…. I am conditioned to conservation scientists, who, in all honesty are a bunch of ridiculously fun nerds. No, here there are educators, teachers, lecturers, and students [who are also a bunch of ridiculously fun geeks, just different]. It’s a rag tag bunch of folk who are undoubtedly the most important people in the world. I state that boldly, because these educators are at the coalface of hope for the future. They teach environmental literacy. Inspiring the next generation of scientists, architects, business people, and the rest about the wonder of the natural world. Informing the world’s students what in means to be alive on this planet today.

Why was I there then? well, I presented to the education world the Global Change app. A little project myself and some colleagues have been working on about plants, carbon, water and climate change – my aim is to give stomata the 15 minutes of fame to which they are so deserving of. The app was well received and there were lots of interesting and insightful conversations about the environment and the state of education and how tools, such as the app can enhance learning pathways.

I left the conference with a renewed sense of hope, there is an enormous community of educators, researchers, scientists and students working to improving environmental literacy. The next generations of students will have greater understanding, connection and appreciation for the natural world thanks to this community. It was an honor to be in the company of such a wonderful group of people.


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