Australasian Seabird Research Group

Here in New Zealand, we live in the “seabird capital of the world”, where more species congregate to breed than anywhere else. Although experiencing this diversity makes us lucky as seabird researchers, it also means we have a great responsibility. Seabirds face many challenges in our changing world, from fisheries by-catch at sea to non-native predators on their breeding grounds, and threats along their migration routes. What better way to confront these issues and come up with solutions, than to work together?

In an effort to encourage collaboration between seabird researchers in Australasia, the Australasian Seabird Group and Ornithological Society of New Zealand are working to put a seabird research map together.

No matter if you’re a new student, a community group, or a seabird guru, we’d love to hear about your research. We’re using new technology called “thundermaps” to map out seabird research activity, much like the “Kereru Count” has mapped out Kereru sightings. Think it’s too complicated? Well, we’ve tried to make it easy by walking you through step by step here: How to pin your research NZSeabirdResearchMap.

If you’re interested in keeping in touch with other seabird researchers, please leave us your email. Also, find us on twitter @Aus_NZ_seabirds or on facebook at the Australasian Seabird Group homepage.
If you have any questions, let us know:,,,


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